Who I Am

DIKRISTO” is the name for my passion.

Passion of elegant, high end, hand made crafts that add a little bit more value to our lives.

I am professional knifemaker, home cook and food lover that seeks the best in everything!  I design and craft kitchen knives by scratch in order to meet the best expectations, so, each knife is made with the best materials in the world for unparalleled design and performance. Each custom knife is one of a kind and uniquely named after Greek mythology characters!

My Philosophy

 I deeply admire fine craftsmanship and strongly believe that anything handmade, is unique in every aspect. Every item has a story to tell, its own personality and a very distinctive “feel good” emotion when you see, touch and use it.
As food has been always in my life something much more than a need, I constantly wanted to improve my skills and knowledge on the culinary art. Then, somehow, in my need to be more than a home cook and utilize my creativity, I challenged myself to craft items of superior quality that would satisfy the most demanding needs and desires.

As a result, Dikristo™ knives were born.

Handcrafts are my personal challenge, a self-inquiry and a creative expression of myself.